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Hello! I go by Elnu on the internet, and this is my blog, I hope you find something of interest here. I’m 17, I’m interested in programming, GNU/Linux, studying Japanese, watching anime, drawing, and creative writing. I’m horrible at doing things consistently.

For now, I’ll be posting small Linux and programming-related posts explaining how to do various things that I happen to find useful. In the future, I’ll post larger, more interesting posts. Stay tuned! (〃^▽^〃)


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(たん)()() …
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How to Configure Vim for Writing

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There are a lot of tools that are, for the most part, only used in the programming sphere that could do a lot of good if they received adoption among the wider non-technical community. Git and Markdown especially. Version control is useful to anyone who works on text files and needs to be able to revert back to a previous version, and Markdown is a simple and succinct way to format simple text documents — especially compared with Microsoft Office.

Another tool that could see wider adoption is …

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Automatically Update Matomo Excluded IPs

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⚠️ Edited from my forum posts on Matomo forums

I have a dynamic IP address, and every time it changes I had to manually go into Matomo (a free and open-source self-hosted Google Analytics alternative that is endorsed by the EU and has GDPR-compliant privacy tools), check to see if it logged any of my own visits, delete them in the GDPR tools, and update my IP in the general website settings. It was moderately annoying to do, and after doing this every once and a while for a year I wanted to …

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