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Hello! I go by Elnu on the internet, and this is my blog, I hope you find something of interest here. I’m 17, I’m interested in programming, GNU/Linux, studying Japanese, watching anime, drawing, and creative writing. I’m horrible at doing things consistently.

For now, I’ll be posting small Linux and programming-related posts explaining how to do various things that I happen to find useful. In the future, I’ll post larger, more interesting posts. Stay tuned! (〃^▽^〃)

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Managing Rendering of LaTeX

Posted by Elnu on

Previously I’ve used pdflatex to render my LaTeX documents, but I’ve just come across latexmk, which provides much more powerful options. Here’s a list of the commands I make use of, taken from this guide by Matthias Geier (mgeier).

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Tech maintenance

Posted by Elnu on

Cover photo courtesy of cat-milk/Anime-Girls-Holding-Programming-Books.

This post is going to be a bit different than the usual programming posts. It’s more for myself to organize my thoughts on things that need to be done.

Overall, there are quite a few technological things that require maintenance. For a long time I’ve just been doing what’s easiest and what works, and now the side effects of that are piling up. Things I’ve put off doing, etc. So here’s a list of what needs to be maintained, …

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The Joy of Data Processing

Posted by Elnu on

For a project I’m working on (I’ll make a post about it once it’s done), I needed a large list of Japanese words, with the requirements being that the words be short and without kanji (only in hiragana). In addition, ideally they should be simple words that the average Japanese learner would know, and must be in a machine-readable format that I can use in JavaScript.

Luckily, I found something that matches these criteria! A JLPT N5 vocabulary list from JLPT Matome that covers 549 words, which …

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